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  We know that the Eviction Process can be awkward and requires the steady and secure hand of an experienced eviction contractor. The Eviction Process can be a series of tasks many of us have limited experience on how to proceed or no desire to be involved.

    Maryland landlords can evict any tenant. Landlords must be careful to follow all of the local, county and state legal procedural rules or risk losing their eviction suit on a technicality.  


What We Do...


We offer a “FULL SERVICE” eviction process from filing the appropriate paperwork to representing you, the landlord, on your day in court. At your request, we can also represent you on the day of the eviction so you do not have to your take time or be involved with the drama of an eviction process.

  In addition, we offer cleaning and repair services for the property and removal of unwanted Tenants personal belongings, trash and debris. We have the ability of obtaining the back rent owed by the Tenants as well as court costs and late fees by wage garnishments.


Reasons for Evictions...

   Landlords with properties in Maryland, most commonly evict their tenants for failure to pay rent. Other common reasons for eviction are for breach of lease terms or the tenant is holding over past the lease length. In order to evict a tenant, the landlord must first terminate the tenancy. To do this, the landlord must give the tenant 30 days notice of termination. If the tenant failed to pay rent, it is not necessary to notify the tenant that you are filing for eviction. (Note that in Baltimore City, special notice requirements apply. Special considerations are often in place for our Armed Forces)

The termination notice must state the reason for the termination and other relevant information. The available termination notices in Maryland are:

Notice to quit: This is a 30-day notice that is used when the tenant is holding the property past the end of the lease.

Breach of lease notice: For breach of the lease, the landlord must still give a 30-day notice of termination before filing for eviction.

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  Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard, Frederick, Washington, Cecil, Carroll, Harford, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, and Montgomery Counties.

Reasonable rates and discounts for multiple evictions filed simultaneously.
Free phone consultation to landlords seeking an eviction.

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