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Day of Eviction for Baltimore City...


   On the day of the eviction, The Landlord or an Agent for the Landlord must be present to take back possession of the property and change the locks on ALL exterior doors. 

Our agents can be present so you don’t have to. We will have all the correct paperwork so the Eviction process goes smoothly and without a glitch. 

   The Sheriff’s former policy of a minimum number of landlord workers is no longer in effect. What is left in or around the property at the time of the eviction is now considered abandoned by the tenant. The tenant no longer has the right to the property. 

 We suggest providing notice to a new tenant the assurance the locks on their new home have been changed since the last tenants vacated. It is imperative that the previous tenants, or their friends and relatives, no longer have access to the property.  

   We charge a fee of $150 to be present and act as the Landlords Agent on the day of Eviction.  This includes the changing of one (1) exterior lockset.   Each additional exterior lock set is only $15 to install. (Not including the cost of the lockset)


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