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   We can complete and process your Failure to Pay Rent notice as soon as the required information and payment is received. The court date is usually scheduled within 1-3 weeks of filing the needed documentation. Award Eviction Services will begin the process to obtain a judgment for possession of your premises and costs by appearing on your behalf, as your agent in District Court.

    The tenant has four business days to pay the rent in full. If the balance is not paid in full by the required time a Warrant of Restitution will be filed by Award Eviction Services with the District Court Clerks Office, approved by a judge and sent to the Sheriff’s Department for scheduling. The date will be coordinated between Award Eviction Services and the owner of the property for set out.

  Baltimore City and each of the Counties we service have unique laws to follow for tenant evictions.

  We offer this service for a set fee of $150 per eviction.

  Please see additional Eviction Services offered.


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