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Day of Eviction for Howard and Anne Arundel Counties...


On the day of the eviction, the Landlord or an Agent for the Landlord must be present to take back possession of the property.

Our agents can be there so you don’t have to. We will have all the correct paperwork so that the process goes smoothly and without a glitch. We can also change any and all locks that the Landlord is required to change.  Either we can provide the locksets or the Landlord may provide their own.

We suggest providing a new tenant the assurance the locks on their new home have been changed since the last tenants vacated. It is imperative that the previous tenants, or their friends and relatives, no longer have access to the property.

A Tenant is typically permitted to remain on-scene until all property is removed, so long as he/she is not hindering the eviction proceedings.

   All personal property, except that which may pose a public safety threat, will be placed on the curb of the nearest public roadway. Once there, it is the Tenant's responsibility to safeguard the property.

  Upon completion of the eviction, the removal of any unclaimed or abandoned property becomes the Landlord's responsibility.

  In accordance with the County Code, failure to remove a Tenant's evicted property from a County right-of-way within 48 hours will result in removal by the County Department of Public Works.

   The Department of Public Works may remove and dispose of all personal property that is on County property in violation of existing County Code. The County will bill the owner of the rental real property for all costs incurred in connection with the removal and disposal of the evicted tenant's personal property.

     Award Eviction Services can provide a crew to remove the Tenant’s belongings from the property and either set on the curb or make the decision to remove the abandoned property to a landfill. Our removal to the landfill can save the landlord additional fees from the County Public Works Department. This service will be considered on a case by case situation. Factors we consider are the size of the house, how many people are needed and how long the Tenants have been in place. Etc...

We charge a fee of $150 to be present and act as the Landlords Agent on the day of Eviction.  This includes changing of one (1) exterior lockset.   Each additional exterior lock set is only $15 to install. (Not including the cost of the lockset)


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